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И поэтому периодически, на протяжении всей жизни нужно выбрасывать себя из зоны комфорта, ставить новые цели. Sample of the book « Eselsweisheit. He is a member of several international academies, a developer of patented inventions and a best- seller author. This book is a part of Norbekov’ s course about how to manage our own bodies and to use the power of our own personalities to improve our health and even to get rid of glasses. Norbekov has helped countless people to heal themselves is based on a thousand- year- old Eastern doctrine, Sufism. These books became bestsellers in ex- USSR countries.
Professor Mirzakarim Norbekov has a doctor' s degree in psychology, pedagogy and medicine philosophy. He is an ardent martial artist with a black belt and a third Dan in Karate. He is a Professor and an active member of numerous Russian and international Scientific Acadamies. Mirzakarim Norbekov is a Doctor of Psychology, Pedagogics and Medical Philosophy. Book is available. It builds on the knowledge that man, as a unity of body, mind, and soul, has astounding inner potentials, which he can activate at any time.
The method, by which Prof. Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov: Author of bestselling books Worldwide. Family of Mirzakarim Norbekov. Мирзакарим Санакулович Норбеков - международный деятель нетрадиционной медицины, основатель « Института. Наша лень постоянно стремится к состоянию покоя. He founded a health centre in Moscow, that has now grown into a network of centres in Russia, sur- rounding countries and in the West. Today Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov has been acknowledged as a Doctor of Psychology, a Doctor of Pedagogy, a Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine, and as a professor, a member and correspondent member of a number of Russian and foreign academies.
Norbekov’ s team is looking for a print house and partners to print M. Norbekov’ s books. Mirzakarim norbekov varice. In Germany, being translated into German, these books were republished 10 times and total amount of copies reached 100 000.

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